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This platform is used to connect business owners and individuals to the correct insurance Agent or Broker. Facilitate the management and tracking of policy data and status. Request policy changes or order Certificates of insurance from your Agent or Insurance broker.
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Life Insurance
Apply here for all types of Life insurance and related products. Whole Life, Universal Life, Term Life no exam up to 4 million, IRA 401K Anuities and more.
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Health Insurance
Apply here for all your Health insurance needs. Including group benefits, supplemental coverage, California Fare plan and much more.
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Business Insurance
Apply here if you need Commercial Liability, Professional Liability, Business Owners Policy, Workmans Comp, Product Liability, Special Events, Cyber Liability and much more.
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Auto Insurance
Apply Here for all personal and commercial Auto insurance needs
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Everything you need at your finger tips
Manage Policy Data

Store all your existing and new Insurance Policies in one place. Subscribe and store your current Insurance policy here. Get discounts on your current policy or a new policy at a lower rate. Make changes to your policy, report a claim or request a Certificate of insurance for any of your policies.

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Lead Generation

Are you an insurance Agent or Broker. Subscribe here for free and get free leads for 30 days.

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Expedite Applications

Tired of printing applications filling out signing and sending to individual carriers for a quote. Subscribe for free and use our auto fill and quick fill solutions. Send your application to multiple carriers with just one click.

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here Are some
Awesome features
Our subscribers have access to high tech applications to make the total insurance process easier. Rest assured that with our platform you have all the tools needed to get immediate claims assistance, receive policy benefits and make the entire application process simple and fast.
Have access to agents and Brokers for every insurance category all in one platform.
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Human Resource services

Stay compliant with state of the art software and partner companies that help manage your employees leave of absence and benefits payouts.

Assistance with Carrier appointments for Agents and Brokers

Fill out one application and apply for various carrier appointments in your state. 

Emergency Claim Reporting App

Have a hard time reaching the right person to report your claim. Our app will automatically message and call the correct personnel until a response is received.  

Connect with a Financial adviser and Make your dream a reality
Already living your dream. Protect your assets with the right insurance coverage at a low cost
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Our Partners
UMM Hosting
Need a website for your business or custom software designed contact UMM Hosting.
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Need a camera system, CAD/AVL or another intelligent system installed on your fleet. Contact 4Transit for a free quote.
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Mobile Video Systems
Many Insurance carriers offer lower premiums when you install an AI camera system with features such as Gun detection, theft detection, automatic door lock and much more.
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Empire Vanilla

Empire Vanilla

Purchase Vanilla beans or Vanilla extract. Receive discounts or wholesale pricing.

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Our Partnership with Mobile Video Systems gives you a special opportunity for discounts on commercial Auto free or discounted AI Camera Systems for your fleet.
Commercial Auto